Hey there, I’m Christoph, a user interface designer from Riga.I have been working with teams at draugiemgroup, yobo, d3 & more.

Pushing pixels has always been my thing. I have been a passionate user interface designer since an early age and have acquired a great deal of experience which now I can share with you.

I’m currently booking projects for March 2013. If you have one - please get in touch

Temparoo Web Design

Temparoo will be the best platform for job seekers and employers. It will offer a wonderful experience for both of the parties with its beautiful & user friendly design.

See the design

Yobo Web & App design

Yobo completely changes the way you experience booking. It strips the tediousness and makes it easy, fun and beautiful instead. See the design

Girls Of Riga Web Design

In Latvia we had a lack of legit grown up portals so my client created one.

See the design

Friendly Bloke Web Design

While hip people are spending countess hours to find the right clothes, Friendly Bloke offers to send you one amazing t-shirt every month and it's worth it!

See the design
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Get In Touch

You can contact me trough my e-mail : me@christophcup.com or via contact form below. I will try to contact you back within’ 12 hours, though it can take a bit longer, ya' know?

Social Media

Sometimes I tweet & post my work on dribbble. Let’s connect!

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